Working methods






 Crystal Glazes:

A crystal glaze on a porcelain clay creates a power of attraction, but it demands a lot of attention, because a crystal glaze has a changeable character.

I develop my own glazes.

The first heating is till about 1000 degrees ( biscuit).

Then I spray some layers of glaze over the biscuit form. The next heating is about 12660 - 1285 degrees, it depends on the characteristic and the melting point of the glaze.

When the melting point has been reached, the kiln must be cooled till approximately 1100 - 1000 degrees. During this cooling process small crystals will be formed.

The character, the form and the size of the crystals depends on the structure of the glaze and the heating process.


Crystals on Porcelain - a fascinating combination

Keramiek Atelier Annet Hamster


My work consist of hand formed and thrown objects from porcelain clay; it is a fine grained and pure clay and quit suitable as the underground of crystal glazes.

During the heating process in the kiln the form shrinks till 80% of the original size.